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As we continue as a Brand...

We are trying to better our service and one way we have began doing this, is by joining a business mentorship. We have been trying to find multiple ways to gain a better understanding of what we need to provide to you all as we move further and this Customer Interview Form will be the turning point. 

Why should I do this Form?

Not only will the form help us establish better collections, moving forward as a brand; but as a thank you for completing this form, we will be doing a raffle. This raffle will be based on 2 unreleased pieces that will be part of our future Spring/Summer' 21 Collection. Complete the form, and you will be entered in for a free piece.


The actual image of the pieces will be on our Instagram account- @indigochildusa

Customer Interview Form Link

This should take you directly to the page to begin the form. 

Direct Link

Please be honest and unbiased when providing your responses. Thank you again for deciding to help this brand continue to grow

For any reason the link is not working or you're experiencing issues please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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